In-House Training Programmes

In today’s global economy the challenges facing organisations worldwide are all too familiar … delivering increased performance, whilst managing budgets and improving competitive position.
There are many factors involved in achieving outstanding business results, and we have the expertise to design unique development programmes that will provide the key skills required to make a difference in these vital areas.

They will provide opportunities for exceptional organisational and personal development, together with a set of practical tools to enhance the effectiveness of your managers and senior managers.

Why choose Vievolve?

We provide targeted, highly focused training and consultancy services in the UK and overseas. Each intervention is tailored to our client’s precise requirements, and we minimise the cost of any intervention by…

  • Focusing on the outcomes you want
  • Defining and agreeing criteria for success ahead of any process
  • Identifying and testing the leverage points for action
  • Developing a collaborative, partnering relationship with clients, which reduced the time taken to resolve the issue(s)

Our approach ensures that our clients maintain ownership of the issues and their resolution and gain sustainable, transferable skills which will still be relevant long after the specific intervention is over.

In addition we have a team of specialised associates who can bring high level expertise to specific requirements.

Specific areas of expertise

Typical programmes we have developed for clients include…

  • High Performance Coaching
    • Maximising individual performance and/or developing a team coaching culture
  • Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    • Developing the skills for increasing effectiveness in all types of negotiation situations
  • NLP in Business
    • We are still the most business focused of NLP providers based in the UK, with over 30 years’ experience of using NLP at work.
    • We can deliver a range of tailored in-house programmes – ranging from individual inputs dealing with a specific skill or way of thinking, through to internationally accredited Diploma, Business Practitioner and Coach Practitioner courses.


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