Human Factors in Cyber/Information Security

Why this is important for you & your organisation…

  • All organisations, from the smallest to the largest, have information that would put business operations at risk in the event that it were to be lost or corrupted in some way.
  • Most of us are dependent on our computer systems for the success of our businesses and know that cyber threats are increasing, nationally and internationally. Protecting these systems is expensive.
  • Most organisations undervalue their Intellectual Property (IP) and under-estimate the potential risk to reputation resulting from data loss.
  • Even with the increasing sophistication of cyber-attacks from outside sources, the greatest proportion of data losses and failures are still created by human errors. Many of these are easily avoidable once people are motivated to regard Information Security (IS) as a personal issue.
  • Despite the evidence that the human element plays a major part in the risks to our IS, most of us have relied on electronic protection systems to secure its’ confidentiality, integrity and availability. This is no longer a safe option.
  • To maximise security we need to take a holistic approach to the problem by ensuring that senior staff recognise the true value of their company’s IP and reputation, and the potential threats to them.

Some questions you need to ask400_F_25219629_Ee9A6IR6xigRqKcp6Jeu7yyDmehCeECj

  • How much thought has been given to the human factors in your organisation – now known to be a major factor in Internet Security?
  • What is the current value of your Intellectual Property, compared to, say, ten years ago?
  • How engaged are all your staff in IS (not just the IT specialists)?  Emotionally, intellectually and financially?


Executive Away-Day

This event will give Senior Executives/Board Members the opportunity to explore their current understanding of the risk factors in their organisation and the key role they play in ensuring their business is fully prepared for potential cyber threats – particularly from a Human Factor (rather than a technological) perspective.

Outcomes from the Workshop

By the end of this event, you will have…

  • Developed an understanding of the potential magnitude of the human factor IS risk in your organisation
  • Recognised the full value of your organisation’s IP and IS, and how it can be threatened by human factor security breaches
  • Used that awareness to develop strategies for mitigating the risk factors, and ensuring all Executives/Board Members are fully committed to its implementation
  • Tested barriers to achievement and agreed an approach to communicate the strategy within the organisation – and monitor its effectivenessCyber Security

Half-Day Awareness Workshop

A mini-workshop designed to bring Directors and Senior Managers of small and medium sized businesses up-to-date with current thinking regarding the human factor risks to their Intellectual Property (IP) and other valuable confidential information.

Outcomes from the Workshop

By the end of this short workshop you will have …

  • An understanding of the nature of current human factor threats to your Information Security (IS) and what is necessary to deal with their potential impact
  • Considered key questions about the value of, and threats to, your most valuable information assets and reputation
  • Determined the level to which senior personnel are engaged with IS – and if they are not, how to gain that engagement (i.e. overcoming comments like “It’s an IT problem”)
  • Developed strategies for ensuring all members of staff feel personally responsible for cyber security
  • Begun to consider how you can best protect your systems’ infrastructure and get real value for money from your investment in this area.

Next Workshop

Contact us now for further details and to discuss where and when the next event is to be held.

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