Address problems in innovative ways


Find solutions where all other options have failed


Uncover hidden issues that have previously limited progress

Vievolve Consulting Services

Our lead Consultant, Ian Ross has deservedly been called a ‘Master Problem Solver’ because of his unique ability to facilitate individuals and teams to achieve breakthrough results.
Vievolve focuses on your specific business needs and we work at our best when dealing with your most challenging issues – especially those with the highest risk factor, where no resolution has yet been found.  The success of our interventions lies in our ability to create tools and methodologies that incorporate a variety of disciplines – optimising and improving the effectiveness of your staff. 
Vievolve was created 20 years ago in response to the massive growth in interest for personal and team development in the business community.  Since then it has evolved to become one of the most innovative consultancies in Europe for individual, team and organisational effectiveness.
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